Tournament Information/Rules

Online Registration
Online event registration available at on the home page of the website.

MPVA Registration & Eligibility Rules

  1. All players are eligible to play providing they can get into event based on their MPVA points. Event is filled and seeded based on total team points. Maximum number of teams per event is 32 Men’s teams and 24 Women’s teams.


  1. Entry Fees:
    Division Entry Fee
    Men’s & Women’s 2’s AA/Pro $110 per team
    Men’s & Women’s 2’s A/B $90 per team
    H.S. Girls 2’s – 14, 16, 18’s $80 per team
    Co-ed 2’s AA/A/B $70 per team
    Co-ed 2’s High School $70 per team
  2. Registration & payment day of tournament requires a $10 late fee per team and is only available if we have the space for more teams. Late registration will be allowed for the AA/Pro division only if it helps even out the number of teams in the division.
  3. Early Registration for Saturday’s event closes at 6:00 PM EDT on Friday. Early Registration for Sunday’s event closes at 6:00 PM EDT on Saturday. After this time, the late fee will be assessed.

Day of Event Rules

  1. One member of each team MUST CHECK IN between:
    • Saturday: 8:00-8:30 AM
    • Sunday:   8:30-9:00 AM
  2. Start time:
    • Saturday: 9:00 AM
    • Sunday:   9:30 AM

    Play begins at the indicated time with a 10-minute warm-up (first match only).

  3. No-shows and/or late arrivals lose 2 point per minute from announced start time.

Point System & Seeding for AA/Pro Division
Seeding for AA/Pro Division will use the following MPVA point structure. Final determination of seeding will be at the tournament directors discretion.

  1. Points earned are per player not per team
  2. Each player will have 1 year worth or points at all times
  3. After each MPVA event a % of last year’s points are dropped and new points added
MPVA Point Structure For AA/Pro
Place Points Earned
1st 2500
2nd 2100
3rd 1800
4th 1650
5th 1500
7th 1200
9th 1000
13th 800
17th 700
18th 650
19th 600
21st 550
23rd 500
25th 450
27th 400
33rd 350

Championship Event Format and Eligibility Requirements
Championship Event is open to anyone, regardless if they have played in any MPVA events this year or not.

Playing Rules
FIVB Rules will be used. Click here for site rules

Tournament Format
Pool play followed by single elimination bracket play.

Scoring System

  1. Rally score, no cap. Pool play format will be determined by numbers of teams in each pool. Bracket play will be 2 out of 3 to 21, deciding game to 15.
  2. Side switches will be as follows:
    • Game to 15, switch at 5 and break at 15
    • Game to 21 or 25, switch at 7 and break at 21

Time Outs
Each team is allowed one time out per game. Time outs last for 30 seconds. No sand time outs. Please do not leave the court during the match to brush off the sand.

Tour Etiquette
There will be fines assessed for certain inappropriate conduct, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Profanity-excessive, loud use of profanity will result in a $10 fine to be assessed by a game referee, Rick Rykse or any other MPVA official. The player would also be assessed a red card which will result in loss of possession and point.
  2. Any inappropriate conduct, both on and off the court, that could be damaging to the reputation and integrity of the tour will result in a suspension from the tour. The MPVA staff will determine the length of the suspension.
  3. Abuse of equipment – players who misuse MPVA equipment will be assessed a fine which represents replacement cost of the equipment plus $50. Player will not be allowed to participate in future events until this fee is paid in full.
  4. All fines are due and payable before the player will be allowed to play in another MPVA event.
  5. Referees are expected to take charge of the match they are officiating. They will have access to and will be expected to use yellow and red cards while officiating and settle all disputes.
  6. Player suspension for any reason will require a letter of apology and drug test before being considered for reinstatement.

Individual Sponsorships
Players may pursue individual sponsorship as long as it follows the following guidelines:

  1. Is not a direct competitor of any MPVA tour sponsors
  2. Does not promote an item or business that is considered inappropriate for the MPVA tour
  3. Sponsors exposure is limited to clothing, bags, P.A. mentions as player sponsor, listed as players sponsor in media book. Umbrellas, banners, etc. are not permitted on the MPVA Tour site. Item sampling is also not allowed!

For more details contact Rick Rykse.